11th Edition, 22 June 2024

The Rights of Nature

The new ecological concept Pachamama Romania 2024 - REGENERATION

Regeneration, formulated and conceptualized by activist Paul Hawken, is a radically new approach to the climate crisis, weaving justice, climate, biodiversity and human dignity into a seamless tapestry of action, policy and transformation that can end the climate crisis in one generation.

Hawken is not only an environmentalist, he is an entrepreneur and bestselling author published in thirty languages, in over eighty countries, with over two million copies sold. He is a renowned lecturer who has given talks on the link between trade and the environment and consulted with governments and companies around the world.

Regeneration, from concept to sustainability

The word “regeneration” has gained notoriety more recently, a kind of natural evolutionary stage resulting from the desire for sustainability. In 2017, it led to the appearance of “Drawdown“, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to try to reverse the effects of global warming.

This new concept of Regeneration comes to interweave the web of climate solutions around the world.

But what exactly is Regeneration?

“Regeneration” means Bringing the Earth back to life. When we bring the Earth back to life, we bring ourselves back to life. Regeneration, besides being necessary, is logical, rational, reasonable and natural.

Regeneration in the Rosia Montana Marathon

We want to implement in Romania legal rights for the Cârnic Massif in Roșia Montană, as many monuments of nature in various parts of the world have gained this status.

“The Roșia Montană Marathon restores the harmonious relationship between man and nature”

Practical paths to regeneration:

  • Equality: fairness and kindness, for all.
  • Reduction: reducing greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels and inappropriate land use.
  • Carbon Sequestration: releasing atmospheric carbon naturally.
  • Protection: Earth’s ecosystems contain four times more carbon than the atmosphere. We need to keep and maintain that carbon here so we don’t emit more carbon.
  • Influence: active contact with politicians, companies and corporations that do not act responsibly.
  •  Support: Solutions, volunteering, contributions.

And YOU can contribute to this campaign where we want Nature to be recognized as a Living Being with legal rights.

We are waiting for you at this year’s edition of the marathon, from 21 to 23 June 2024, in Roșia Montană, the place of rebirth of ecological consciousness in Romania. By running and touring the natural monuments here, people simply find themselves, understand that only when we are connected to nature do we feel truly fulfilled. We cannot achieve a state of inner peace as long as we do not live in harmony with Nature.

What are the Rights of Nature?

It is a legislative project that aims to recognize Nature as a Living Being with legal rights. The Rights of Nature are the recognition and honoring that Nature has rights, just as human beings do.

The Eart is a living being, it is a community of interdependent beings that make up ONE SINGLE SYSTEM.  It is also our HOME! Nature is NOT something that can be owned!

Who initiated and supports the Rights of Nature?

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature – a worldwide movement working to create and strengthen human communities that respect and defend the Rights of Mother Earth.

We want to implement in Romania legal rights for the Cârnic Massif in Roșia Montană, in the same way in which many monuments of nature in various parts of the world have gained this status.

Where have the Rights of Nature been adopted?

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country in the world to legally adopt the Rights of Nature in its Constitution.

Article 71 of the Ecuadorian Constitution:

“Nature or PACHAMAMA, where life reproduces and exists, has the right to exist, to persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and evolutionary processes. Any person, man, community or nation may demand respect for the rights of the natural environment before public bodies …”

Article 72:

“nature has the right to be fully restored”

In 2006, Tamaqua Borough in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania became the first community in the United States to recognize legal rights for nature.

It was joined by communities from Maine to Maryland and from Virginia to New Mexico proposing Rights of Nature laws, followed by California and Hawaii (36 communities in total).

There are also environmental groups in Nepal, Italy and Australia who are strongly promoting the Rights of Nature in their countries’ laws. 

In April 2010 “The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth” was adopted at the World Climate Change Conference in Bolivia

Where have the Rights of Nature been adopted?

  • Rights are the highest level of protection that laws can provide.
  • Nature would become a subject of the law with legal personality and independent rights. At this point, nature has no independent legal rights, it is seen as a resource, a property. The green economy still refers to nature as capital that can be bought and sold on the world market.
  • By the Rights of Nature, the harmonious relationship between man and nature is restored.
  • Environmental laws are failing, in the 50 years since environmental legislation was introduced, more than half of biodiversity has disappeared. The legislative system that encourages economic growth legitimizes acts that lead to the destruction of nature.

You too can contribute to this campaign to have Nature recognized as a Living Being with legal rights.

For more details, you can write to us at pachamamaromania2011@gmail.com or contact us at 0724270951 or 0732661743.

Here are 3 representative videos of the Rights of Nature campaign:

She's Alive

Mother Earth, Arkan Lushwala

Nature is speaking, Julia Roberts