11th Edition, 22 June 2024

Social Cause

Social cause Roșia Montană Marathon 2024

Roșia Montană Marathon is more than a sports event, harmoniously combining social, environmental and cultural-historical aspects.

Because we focus on the good development of the young generation, in the last 6 years we have been able together to show solidarity with the children of Roșia Montană, offering them our support for better learning and recreational conditions.

Starting with the 6th edition in 2018 we have contributed with funds from the Pachamama România Association (organizer of Rosia Montana Marathon) and through donations from various sponsors and runners for the following social causes:

  • In 2018 we started a fundraising campaign for the purchase of a playground for the children of Roșia Montană in the courtyard of the local “Simion Balint” Secondary School;
  • In 2019 we succeeded together with the Municipality of Roșia Montană to purchase and install a playground for the children of Roșia Montană;
  • In 2020 Roșia Montană Marathon team cleaned and beautified Broader Park together with volunteer students, painted the school fence and planted thuja saplings;
  • In 2021 we contributed to the creation of a Reading Club for the students of the “Simion Balint” Secondary School in Roșia Montană. 7% of the participation fee, which means 2700 lei, was donated for its realization. In addition to this amount, one of the sponsors of the event donated a generous book fund;
  • In 2022 we helped the school in Roșia Montană to obtain an interactive IR touch board following numerous requests from students.
  • In 2023 we proposed to help set up a new playground for the children of Gura Roșiei. The local park was destroyed by the floods and cannot be repaired. The purchase cost of a new park is 30,000 lei. This goal is being achieved.

For the 2024 edition, we aim to have an interactive IR touch board for the students of the Secondary School in Cârpiniș (which belongs to the commune of Roșia Montană).
We also propose to purchase new equipment for the gym of the “Simion Balint” Secondary School in Roșia Montană, the current equipment being used.

Pachamama Romania will donate 10% of the amount collected from the registrations for this year’s edition of the Roșia Montană Marathon.

You can also contribute by making an individual donation to the Pachamama Romania account: RO85 PIRB 4236 7320 8900 1000, opened at PIRAEUS BANK, specifying “Donation for the gym of Roșia Montană Secondary School”, by redirecting income tax (Form 230) or, if you have a company, by redirecting income tax (Sponsorship Contract). For details on how to complete the last two forms, please contact us at contact@rosiamontanamarathon.ro or call us at 0732661743.

Let’s show together the power of unity and solidarity! Together for a better world!