11th Edition, 22 June 2024

Rediscovering the Gold Within

The Rosia Montana Marathon offers you the opportunity to run in a sacred space, a place of great energy, a place of self-discovery and inner radiance.

Rosia Montana has been known for over 2000 years for the richness of its underground, a richness that helps visitors to (re)discover and honor their inner gold.

Running is a moving meditation, a way to have a dialogue with yourself and understand who you are and what you really want to do in life, what your purpose is.

Today’s challenges are an additional reason to reconnect with our self and ask for solutions to what is happening, which we then put into action.

Mountain running in Romania has become increasingly popular and its benefits are multiple. Besides the physical health part, it also offers the opportunity to get to know new places, new traditions, new people to connect with, develop new relationships or new projects. And it also brings you even closer to yourself, to your essence, to your inner gold.

The Rosia Montana Marathon, by its concept, is more than a sporting event. It also includes the ecological, social and cultural side.

Pachamama Romania has created a Law Project for the Roșia Montană ecosystem, which recognizes Nature as a Living Being with legal rights. You can find out more about this on our website (www.rosiamontanamarathon.ro/drepturile-naturii/) or by asking us on site.

The realization that nature is a living being and that it deserves to have, like us humans, rights (first and foremost the right to life and the right to regenerate and evolve naturally) is a huge leap in human consciousness.

By interacting with the other people taking part in the competition, with the organizers or with the locals, we discover people that share with us ideals or passions, and this gives us inspiration, joy and confidence in what we want to do and in ourselves.

During the 3 days spent in Roșia Montană you can also visit the cultural and historical monuments of the town (more details in the program – www.rosiamontanamarathon.ro/program/).

The locality is home to the longest Roman Galleries in Europe, visiting them and hearing their story told by the local guide will give you an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Rosia Montana is also notable for its churches, 5 in number, built by the famous miner Mihăilă Gritta, who discovered a huge amount of gold in the mountains here. All of them are declared historical monuments and can be visited with a local guide who will tell you about their history.

On the day of the competition, we will also have representatives of Apuseni folk song and dance. The women alpenhorn players will wake us up with the piercing sound of the alpenhorns before the Start, and in the afternoon, we will be enchanted by the pairs of dancers and performers of the local Folk Ensemble.

All this is set to provide you with unique experiences that will bring you even closer to your essence.

So, we are waiting for you in Rosia Montana to (re)discover the Gold in your heart!