11th Edition, 22 June 2024



7:30 – 12:30

100 RON -> 8 March

 120 RON -> 7 May

140 RON -> 11 June (Competition kit included – without T-shirt)

Technical data:

Start time: 7:30 AM

Timp limit: 5 hours

Start-Finish: Roșia Montană Central Square

Course lenght: 25.2 km

Level difference: 1100 meters

Hydration and feeding points

Km 6,8 – hydration and feeding point;
Km 11,5 – hydration point;
Km 12,4 –hydration and feeding point;
Km 14,3 –hydration point;
Km 17,9 –hydration and feeding point (!!! ensure you hydrate and nourish well, as there won't be any feeding points for the next 7,5 kilometers !!);

Route description

The START is from the Central Square, with an initial descent of approximately 1 kilometer on asphalt, then, in the area of the town hall, we turn left and get off the public road. The route then entails an ascent on a forest road through the wooded area, we pass by the Roman Circular Funerary Monument at Tăul Găuri and then descend into the village of Corna. We cross a few more meadows, then descend to the hamlet of Bunta, where we will have our first feeding/hydration point (km 6.8).

From there, we start going uphill through the forest on a path that leads us through pretty clearings full of wildflowers. We make it to the top of the hill, where we get a nice view of the quarries we passed and a look at Detunata Golașă.. The trail intersects the county road again: we’ll run a few hundred meters on asphalt to the next hydration point, at km 11.5.

We go on the asphalt for a bit longer, then we turn left on a dirt road and reach the next hydration/feeding point at km 12,4 where volunteers will guide us forward, we will descend on a forest road to Tăul Brazi, we will run on the dike of the “tău”, thenthe path will take us to the asphalt road in Roșia Montană from where, after a few hundred meters, we reach the Central Square (KM 14,3). We hydrate and get ready for the next loop of about 11Km.

We continue downhill on asphalt for about 200m then turn left leaving the public road and start climbing the industrial quarry road to the top, the Cross. From here we descend on a path through the woods past Piatra Corbului, we reach again a 5 roads intersection (feeding/hydration point) where volunteers will guide us straight ahead. After about 700 m we leave the industrial road to the left, following the indications of the volunteers, and we enter a path that leads us to the Șulei
, from where we can see Tăul Brazi, Tăul Anghel and Piatra Corbului – monument of nature and symbol of Roșia Montana.
Descend to Tăul Mare, the heart-shaped lake. We go around the lake on the right side and enter a common part of the Marathon and Cross Country trails. The trail meanders through alpine meadows, then follows a short but very steep climb through grass to the top of the Rotundu Massif. 
From here we start a descent on the forest road through fir trees, pass a raspberry bush, turn left, and near the end, on the left, there is also a cold spring. We head towards the village of Țarina, descend for another 1 km and reach Tăul Țarinii.
From here we continue for about 1.5 km and reach the central square of Roșia Montană, the Finish point.
As you can see, the route of the Half Marathon is the same as that of the Marathon, except for the section leading to Detunata.

Route map

GPX trails are for information purposes only. Competitors are advised to follow the markers we put on the route.
The GPX track can be downloaded here: GPX Maraton

Meeting place

Old Center of Roșia Montană


Pachamama România



Limita: 500 participants