11th Edition, 22 June 2024

Dacian children, Pachamama family

Pachamama Romania launches the educational program “Dacian children, Pachamama family – the education of the future“, a project-manifest to change and improve the education of children in today’s society.

Our children have their own personality, whose development must be encouraged. This calls for a new educational orientation.

We are in the era of the modern child, and our attention is focused on discoveries in the field of personal development in language, play, etc. Throughout our evolution we have realized the importance of the role of our child.

Children are born with the psychological and physical energy needed to fulfil their human potential.

It is the duty of adults to transmit healthy social values to them, so as to enable them to develop harmoniously, and to provide them with the basic conditions in which they can freely develop their abilities.

Our children are our greatest wealth, and a responsible person thinks of the well-being of the next seven generations.


Communicating with the elements of nature

Nature is like us – alive and aware, and likes to be treated with respect, an open heart and care.

  • It speaks to us in many ways, and we can receive its messages with all our senses;
  • It sings to us through its ingenious birds, through its leaves and wind-blown branches, or through its crystalline springs;
  • It warms us with the scent of its flowers and fruit or its green grass;
  • It cools and relaxes us by its waters or by walking barefoot on the grass;
  • It delights our taste buds with its countless fruits, vegetables and herbs at its disposal;
  • Last, but not least, it gives us the opportunity to admire its richness of sight and grandeur.

The best way of communicating with the nature is by constantly transmitting, from the depths of our hearts, our gratitude for all that we receive from it every moment.

Hiking and especially running in nature helps us to reconnect with ourselves, to realize who we really are, where we come from and where we want to go, what our desires and aspirations are.

Developing their own style, the creativity

What do I like?  How do I feel?  What is my favorite object?  What is the element of nature that I enjoy and identify with? Who are the beings that love me and that I love?
The healthy development of children physically, psychologically and spiritually depends on our commitment to their good growth. Good communication with them and understanding their needs is the first step.
Children need our support and not our judgement when they make mistakes. By being there for them, through failures they will learn and gain experience in life.

Discovering the inner genius and developing the 4 types of intelligence (emotional, mental, spiritual and ecological/natural)

Who am I and what connects me to others and Nature? What important skills should I acquire?

All children have native talents. It is the parents’ duty to support them to discover them, to guide their genius and to motivate them.

Becoming an agent of change, a role model for others

The success of this educational system depends on communication, both verbal and physical. Through open, honest and non-judgmental relationships, children, even very young ones, can experience their emotions in peace and become aware and empathetic adults.

You can do this by:

  • Favourite game/toy“;
  • Magic art and creation” -expressing yourself as you like!;
  • Knowing the history of the place.

Why is this kind of knowledge important? Because it helps us to understand the past, which serves as a yardstick for the present. The geographical area in which Romania is located today was more than 10,000 years ago the heart of the world, the place where human civilization really began.

We Romanians are the oldest people in Europe. Genetically, we haven’t changed for 5,000 years, we are still Dacians. John Mandis, a professor at the University of London, says: “Romania is the cradle of what we call Old Europe, a cultural entity from 6500-3500 BC.” and “the earliest discoveries of writing marks were made at Turdaș and Tărtăria”.

The invitation we extend to children to Roșia Montană is also an invitation to come into contact with the special natural beauty of the place and to get to know its millennial history. Roșia Montană stands out for its spectacular landscapes and unique natural monuments, but also for the special energy offered by the richness of the place.

Dacian Children, Pachamama Family for the School of the Future - Sustainable Leadership

Pachamama presents a CommunityHub participation project in strengthening an accessible and modern form of education – a place of exchange and connection.

Improving education is done through the involvement of partner teachers and Pachamama Romania members. This type of informal school aims to enhance the field of education for children and young people.

Through the Roșia Montană Marathon event, the School of the Future imagines this educational project as a place of cultural exchange and networking between those who live in Roșia Montană and those who visit it: children, teachers, families and, of course, people from outside.

Roșia Montană is the place that can give birth to concrete ideas and aspirations for the School of the Future.

We look forward to presenting the new project to you on 21-23 June 2024, when we will find ourselves running through this cultural mining landscape, with Roșia Montană representing the largest and most relevant example of underground gold mining in the world, dating back to the Roman occupation of Dacia.