11th Edition, 22 June 2024

Be a Volunteer

Do you want to join our team in organizing this beautiful sports, ecological, and socio-cultural event? Fill out the form below or contact us at the phone number 0763140726 – Gabi Hodor.
One of the greatest qualities of a person is the ability to give from what they have and from who they are. The great people of this world have led their lives according to the principles of action and reaction or attraction. Do you also follow these principles? Do you strive to offer those around you the best you have – a smile, warmth, encouragement, support in projects, or material things? Then you already know that what you receive always exceeds your expectations. Roșia Montană Marathon encourages students to pursue internships to perfect their theoretical knowledge. Following the internship or practical training, we will issue a certificate to this effect.